When we lose a key, we start to search for it. Anyone would, it is natural. If we, however, get a thing that is unknown to us, without a manual, and we begin to search for it…? People suddenly find us naïve, even stupid. But nothing in life happens without a reason. Even these moments may lead one to an intriguing thought. Let me tell you a story.

Kamila was physically disabled. She was in need of a more modern communication tool. She had used the Conzul typewriter for ten years.  It was a crucial connective between her and people around her. The situation gradually changed, though.

Operating the typewriter became more and more complex. Kamila therefore decided to limit the amount of contact she had with her family and friends. She found her solution quite good. After a few weeks, though, she began to miss being in touch with other people. She was trying to figure out how to solve the situation. Kamila has a place in her heart for her personal advisor. He was patient with her, giving her advice. Encouraging her not to be afraid to ask for help. “Ask and you shall be heard.” At last, she listened to his advice. She sent a letter to a computer network company. After two months of waiting and doubting, thinking about whether or not her appeal had been given ear to, came the joyful moment. She received a desktop computer. Kamila´s soul and heart rejoiced. An unanticipated complication arose, however.

The computer lay quietly on the desk. Kamila came and pushed to button that said “power” on it. It began to buzz and flash, as if it was trying to tell his new owner that something is wrong with it and it is in need of a professional help. It stopped after a while. A dark blue screen appeared with a notice in English. All Kamila understood were few words: error, please, key, memory.

Reasonably Kamila began to check her little cube from every side. No opening seemed to be the right one for using a key. Hm. Why is the computer asking for a key to its memory? Where should I look? thought Kamila. Did I receive a key with the computer? She did not give up the search. She came down from the chair to the carpet she looked under the bed, pulling out boxes of all sizes and carefully reading through all the documents she was keeping in them. But nothing in them seemed to be helping her to find the key to the computer. Detective Kamila even looked through all her drawers in the room. Same went for blankets and bags and pockets… This amusing search led Kamila to the question whether she received an invisible key to wisdom and a more active and happy life together with the sick computer.

Does something like that even exist?

I think so. My life worked and works somehow, too. I´ve had some ups and downs. Sometimes with and sometimes without pain. I´ve experienced joy and desperate fear. I´ve been surrounded by

 people giving me liveliness and enthusiasm, but I´ve also (more and more often, unfortunately) hid from them, running straight into the dark and foggy loneliness which spread its huge black wings over me quietly and unobtrusively. It kept doing it day by day, more and more intensely. Even if the sun was shining outside, warming everything up, my days became gloomier. Gradually, I disconnected myself from the world and the people. My inner world was cloaked in hopelessness, isolation, fear and haze. I did not notice, but I quit looking for the key to an active and happy life. I did not now, whether it existed and I did not care anymore.

But the key appeared in my life, unanticipated. It found me itself. Slowly, patiently and gently, it approached my heart. It found a way to me. It opened doors widely… and they remained open ever since.