It is often only when life befalls that one learns how strong can he get in a given moment and what amazing helpers has his author invested in him. How much of his help can one savor through them when things get tough. One will even come to realize the gift that he has in the Creator bestowing him with his favor and the love of parents, who were or are there for him.

Let me tell you a story.

Morning at the social care facility…
Regina, a nurse, entered the room where eight-year-old Ema lived. She asked Ema’s roomates to help Ema get dressed and leaving them with the request, she left the room. For the girls at the room, such a request stirred up feelings of refusal. After a brief exchange of confused looks between each other, one of the four girls threw the entrusted clothes at Ema.
“Here! Do it yourself! None of us will help you!”, exclaimed Monika.
And so Ema, in spite of her doubts, began to take off her pyjama trousers. She struggled. Uniting all of her strength, she finally managed to take them off. Ema’s close helpers: Mr. Rising Adrenaline and Lady Willpower, who would not let the situation bring her to her knees, began to work their level best. Ema even handled dressing her stockings and trousers though she began to sweat as if a heatwave had struck. After a couple of minutes of battling a stubborn body and unyielding clothes, the little warrior turned unto her belly in order to get up on her knees to change the upper part of her pyjamas. The other girls did not think that Ema would manage to overcome her physical handicap. Instead, they thought she would be forced to call on them for help.
But as they turned to Ema’s couch after an hour or so, they were struck speechless: “Who helped her get dressed?”
“Whoever it was – we have to admit – she really got us there.”
And so Ema’s feelings of exhaustion were taken over by feelings of victory.

During my childhood, I, like Ema, also used to fight other childrens’ unwillingness by trying to overcome my physical restrictions. I have not allowed people to spot the vulnerability of my soul. Despite the hardships I encounter, I am very grateful to the one who persistently watches over me. I owe him my gratitude also because he has not let his stream of love to dry out, just as he has not let the love of my friends and close ones to cease so my soul would not become bitter.