We humans are fertile soil for the one above us. He planted in us the desire for his love. If he finds that the seed he planted in one of us begins to wither instead of germination, he rushes to its rescue. How? By bringing his helper into our lives. He shall take us to places where we can once again be restored. The seed in us again begins to germinate and grow.

Let me tell you a story.

Eight years ago I went with my parents to visit my friend Eduardo, who lived in central Slovakia. When we entered the village where Edward lived and worked, I felt like I came to a whole new world. The village was (and still is) very beautiful. I felt as if I had found myself in a world that has not yet been discovered. This impression was heightened when I visited Betánia, a social services establishment. Its look charmed me. Suddenly I was overcome by a feeling that the besides me, my parent and Eduardo, there was another person in the hall. This person „embraced me comfortably in his arms and held tightly ever since.“

During the tour in Bethany a light-brown wall resembling an accordion caught my attention. It formed an interesting decorative element in the hall. After a while, it became evident that it was not a decorative wall, but a sliding door. 

„Do you want to see what this mysterious door is hiding?“ Edward asked me. I nodded. Eduard slowly began sliding the doors and uncovering a secret. When he opened the door fully, I blurted a „Wow!“ in awe. A pretty and humble prayer room was uncovered before my eyes. It contained everything that one can find in other churches, too. However, this chapel was full of pleasant modesty. It seemed extraordinary. On the front wall of the prayer room hung a cross with a crown of thorns. Looking at it calmed my shivering body. I began to perceive with my heart the ever-present greatness and heard a quiet manly voice. The voice called me: 

„Go ahead and give me your hand …! I want you to lead your life firmly and your ways in it … “ He was encouraging me to these challenges with fatherly affection. The mysterious voice repeated his calling every time I visited Betánia or when I was listening to sermons and devotions. My mysterious „voice“ and his infinite patience with me eventually brought the coveted fruit. After half a year, filled with a variety of doubt and hesitation, I made the decision. Not only did I give „voice“ my hand and he grabbed it tightly, but I told him my voluntary YES.

Now I know that the temple of God is my flesh as well and that Jesus lives in my heart and is wherever I and my friends are. More specifically, I am a part of God’s temple, of the Mozaika family, of Cirkev Bratská (Church of Brethren).

My key named Jesus helps me stay myself and at the same time makes me an even better being. How? By slowly and gently transforming my soul, heart and mind. This is exactly the transformation that also changes my view of the world and people for the better.