To recognise a true friend among all the people is hard. Nevertheless, I dare say that Mr Life has given me a few such friends. Friendship is an odd element in human life. It can lead a man astray to the wrong path, help him find the strength to live or point out the meaning of his life. Let me tell you a story.

My good friend – a doctor – once told me: „Anyone who wants to see you will find the time to visit you or help you. Anyone who wants you to hear will call you. Those who care about you will grab a pen and paper, or a laptop, and write you a few sentences. Words such as: I have no time and I cannot should come out of our mouth as little as possible. „

At first glance, this may seem impossible. However, my girlfriend Eva did it. At young age, besides fighting the insidious disease called cancer, performing medical work, or later working as Deputy Mayor and taking care of her family, she found the time to write me a letter full of news and encouragement. Over time, thanks to these letters she gained my trust. We slowly became friends, respecting and understanding each other. This friendship obliged neither of us to anything. We could open up to one another about our physical and spiritual pains, or, alternatively, share the joyful moments of our lives. This relationship and everything it involved motivated me to be a little active. To be someone‘ effective psychological support. Once a year, for my birthday, I asked my parents to take me to visit Eva. My friend Eva, on the other hand, gained some power and will to live when I visit her. Her husband mentioning me, mentioning the fact that I was there, in that little town, for just two days, was enough for her to come right the next day, in a good mood. I perceived these moments as small miracles. Hardly anyone who did not know her would have believed, that she was terminally ill and the day before was unable to get out of bed due to her physical pain. What invisible force in her helped get up? We arranged an appointment, so that we could spend some pleasant moments together. These moments were filled with comfort and peace. Even our last meeting was flavoured with pleasure and joy. Although we both knew that we would never again meet in this life. She pronounced the scary yet I believe true words: „Do not be sad, please! I will be fine while you’re going to have to continue your fight in life…“

She was a strong person in all respects. She was trying to please me every time. She rather thought of others than herself. Who did she have in her life that gave her such great power to be unselfish, even in difficult moments? She acted just as Jesus taught the people. With her, I had a feeling that He present among us physically. She was always full of humility, love and peace. All this was carried over miraculously to me. I do not consider this story to be a coincidence. I think the script for this story and even the friendship itself was quietly written by the Invisible one. He may have done it so that we would help each other and carry our burdens. It was with Eva when I realized that it is God who makes people want to live for others. Who makes them want to be unselfish and wanting to be the support for the other person, physical or mental.

These special scary but the beautiful moments of life can strengthen people spiritually. Help them see the meaning of their life. For example, that even they can be an effective emotional support for someone else…